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creative commercial VIDEO photographer

Phillip Darlington has worked as a lighting technician, camera operator, videographer, portrait photographer and architectural photographer for more than 26 years. Since 1988, Darlington has worked on over 72 films and television shows including stints on: “The West Wing,” “40 Year Old Virgin,” “Domino,” “Just Like Heaven,” “Bewitched,” “Cutting Room,” Wolfgang Peter’s “Poseidon,” “The O.C.,” “C.S.I. New York,” “Boston Legal,” “Yes, Dear,” and “Threshold.” In 2001, he produced a television show pilot for a home improvement show called “Kenny’s Korner.” He has also produced a short film called “Voracious” in conjunction with a feature film script which he also wrote.

  First published at the age of 12 in Reader magazine for an award winning photograph, Darlington has also won various awards as a creative writer ever since and has several screenplays under his belt. He began to make

his living in film production in 1988 on James Cameron’s “The Abyss,” as Cameron’s underwater assistant and received Union status performing a stunt as a drowning  helmsmen on the submarine U.S.S. Montana. He has worked in all aspects of production, working on professional film and television shows since 1981, including such stints as Special Effects Assistant and has fulfilled supervisory positions for Grip and Lighting on various feature films. He has also worked in feature film development for Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Feature Films, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.

  Darlington currently works as a videographer and still photographer on various industrial videos and independent creative videos in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. His company, has been producing marketing projects and materials since 2010. 

  Between production schedules, Darlington has worked with some of the most competitive architectural photographers in the Los Angeles market. He has also shot portraiture for film magazines and stills for independent feature films. During the past 14 years, he has worked as an Art Director for various clients. Some clients include Lockheed Martin, Sun Microsystems and Modular Wind Energy, where he performed various roles as an artist, including full photographic and video support.


Punch / Pinta / Buen Gusto / Nude / Mojito / Shades

Shape Up / Fetish / Chop it


Elba / London / 2023

Mooti Gallery / Barcelona / 2023

BTW Gallery / London / 2023

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