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Aerial Photo of a Real Estate

video for realtors

Sometimes its about the customer getting to know you through presentational interviews or video walk throughs. At Darlington Images, we are experienced in helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera. For moving shots, we use the best in motion stabilization and image quality.

VIDEO Walkthroughs

Providing a video walk-through for customers allows an ideal approach for focusing on unique property qualities, or interesting history.

4286 country club

Located in beautiful Bixby Knolls, otherwise nicknamed the Hollywood homes of Long Beach, this historical 6,600SF home required a video walkthrough with to express the beautiful remodeled kitchen and historical exteriors.

3010 E 1st Street

Located in the Bluff Park neighborhood of Long Beach, this charming remodel has an added guest house. A video walkthrough was the perfect presentation for showing the full area of the property, revealing the very short walk to the beach at the end.

Realtor or spokesperson interviews are an excellent way to connect with the customer and build trust.

Spencer Snyder interview

The Spencer Snyder Group hired Darlington Images to produce a series of interviews with it's realtors, offering an inside look at some of the people behind the homes that they sell.

Video interviews

Abbey davis

Another of the Spencer Snyder Group interviews showing the effectiveness of the environment the subject was captured in, the integration of showing a home on the market and relevance to connecting with the client.

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