We Do Everything For You:

We script, shoot, edit and host, so you can focus on sharing your story with the world.

Lets talk about building your Youtube channel and the impact it will have on your bottom line.

We produce high-end branded real estate videos for high profile real estate brokers in Long Beach and surrounding Los Angeles. 

We produce story driven historical content with notable

public speakers to promote a cause or drive.

And everything in between, like promos for holiday shopping, or PSAs supporting marketing campaigns.


Director, Screenwriter, and Producer - "Titanic," "Avatar"


"Phillip Darlington has made himself available every day and has, through his hard work, become a valuable member of the crew. An honest, trustworthy member of our team whose diligence and positive attitude has been greatly appreciated, I thus wholeheartedly recommend Phillip on other productions and know that his hard work and perseverance will speak for itself."      -- original letter --

Director, Screenwriter, and Producer - Morphius Films


“He's like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to film production. I knew that if Phil were doing this, it would actually make my job a lot easier.”

Photographer - Carl Studna Photography


"Following the opening of our Golden Eagle Studio, I envisioned a spectacular arial shot sweeping over our beautiful mountain property in such a way that it represented the majesty of the location and the building. Darlington Images matched my vision perfectly, both in feeling and quality. I could not be more pleased, both in the end result and theprofessionalism that went into the production."

Event Coordinator - SSF Auto Parts


"We rented out almost the entire facility so there was a lot of ground for the photographers to cover between a restaurant, a simulation room, the race tracks, and the Porsche Museum. They did an outstanding job covering everything we wanted shot. We also obtained some amazing drone footage that was the icing on the cake. Our video is a perfect representation of how the event felt while it was happening, which was exactly what we wanted."

Director, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur - iantruitner.com


"Phil is a phenomenal photographer with an eye for detail and a really positive attitude. His behind the scenes and aerial work are superb. Highly recommend."